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Growroom Temperature Controller

  • Why Choose HARVEMAX

AUHYDROPONICS source and distribute products from the best manufacturers from global world to guarantee competitive prices and well quality for our customers. We supply directly to retail customers and retail shops who are looking for the wide range best selling hydroponics equipment products in a fast moving competitive market.

We appreciate the requirements of our clients' needs in all about HARVEMAX.
We facilitate this process with the help of our global design team.

At AUHYDROPONICS we truly value the customer that we make, we understand the driving elements of our customer's business needs and learn how to serve them well.

The way we add value to our customer:

    We give professional advise
    We nurture a relationship that provides loyalty
    We help them understand the benifit to deal with us
    We help to provide cost efficient solutions
    We use our technology and expertise to help them

Latest Product

T5 Mirror Shade Propagation Light

T5 Mirror Shade Propagation Light

The latest high-output fluorescent lights will surprise you with their power. Harvemax T5 lighting is based on...

Double Ended Fixture Grow Light

Double Ended Fixture Grow Light

Double Ended or DE grow lamps are more efficient, can offer an improved light spectrum and have...

New Quantum Board UFO LED

New Quantum Board UFO LED

  True working power, super bright, can not watch it straight away when light on.Great quality sealed Samsung...

Wilma Drip Irrigation Grow System

Wilma Drip Irrigation Grow System


Grow Light Introduction

Grow Light Introduction

What’s the difference? There are many different types of indoor grow lights on the market and many...

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1000W OUF ECO Slim Ballast

Hydroponics 1000W electronic ballast

*   More light output per watt of energy consumed
*   ECO Slim Ballast, Energy Saving
*   Ultra compact and cooler operation
*   Safe operation
*   Dimm 50%/75%/100%/Super Lumen
*   Support 250W/400W/1000w HPS/MH Lamp


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Digital 315W CMH L.E.C Light


CMH metal halide grow lights are made with an arc tube constructed of a ceramic composite instead of quartz or PCA. This allows the tube to reach a higher temperature. To achieve the lower operating temperature in HID lamps made with quartz or PCA, a combination of gases must be used that don’t necessarily produce the optimal light spectrum for photosynthesis.

More Details

New Arrival Products

CMH 315w Grow Light

6" Double Ended Air Cooled Vent Hood

8" Premium Double Ended Air Cooled Vent Hood

Double Ended 1000W Grow Light set

LED COBs Grow Light

Large & Medium Adjust A-Wing Reflector

T5 Mirror Shade Propagation Light

Product development is the process of designing, creating and marketing new products to benefit customers. We focus on new hydroponics product development, the discipline is focused improving the current products on market, even redesign and tested by lab or commercial organization.

Question About Our Product

Abbot: I found your Centrifuge Fan's power printed on label is stronger than some one have similar looks on market, is that true or you used wrong label?

Admin: The Centrifuge Fan Manufacture confirmed we did have the high power electric motor, since we have to reach the air flow standard. Some of the products on market looks similar but inside is poor and not working durable, even have high risk of accident. You can test our fan and others under a fan speed controller, than you will see the difference.

Peter: Your black fan speed controller not work properly? Only reduce might be 10% of the fan speed.

Admin: You are right but part of it. We have 2 kind of the fan speed controller, big one for high power fan, another one for low power fan. We did tested them and also showed to our customers how good it works. We may choose small controller for fans which flange is small than 6".

Adam: Is that your T5 Propagation Light really High Out Put ?

Admin: Yes it is. Our T5 fitting and lamps all certified with global safety certification. They are high quality and nice looks.

Peter: I am after some carbon filter stocks for my store, however I don't know how about yours?

Admin: You found the right stuff mate. Come to our warehouse and take a look, for example the 6" carbon filter, filled with best virgin carbon, total weight 7.6Kg, 5CM carbon bed. Factory said if you use for normal hydroponics, it can last 1.5-2 years.

Paul: The order of tents by last month is perfect ,  my customers asked is that possible order customized size of tent?

Admin: Sounds great, we can do customize size of tent, but it may need quantity requirement. The sale staff will talk with you.


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We have specialized in distributor of quality hydroponics equipment, Lighting, Fan Ventilation, Grow System, Nutrient Additives and General Accessories since 2012.

With years of experience, we were trusted by our royal customers all over Australia.


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    You Fan is Awesome! Quiet and efficient, customers told me that price for value.

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