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Square 315W CMH Grow Light

Complete CMH 315w GROW LIGHT



Ceramic metal halide lights produce UV-B rays, like the sun. This may be contributing to increased trichome development and smell in buds grown under LECs.

LECs produce a natural spectrum of light that lets you see your plants in full color. Unlike grow lights which produce purple (LED) or yellow (HPS) light, the light from an LEC typically won’t distort the color of your plants. Not only is it just plain nice to be able to really see your garden in all its vibrancy, having natural colored light also makes it a lot easier to diagnose problems which can sometimes go unnoticed under unnatural colored grow lights. An LEC is also much less suspicious looking if light accidentally spills out a window.


Buildin digital ballast, 240V Australian 3 pin plug

Come with 315 CMH lamp, 3100K / 4200k available

Fitting Size: (L)50 x (W)44 x (H)23cm



High End 315W CMH grow lights operate a lot like a regular metal halide (MH) grow light except instead of using quartz they use a ceramic arc tube, very similar to what’s used in HPS grow lights. This is why they’re often called “ceramic metal halides,” and they have some distinct advantages! Compared to regular MH bulbs, LEC lights give off a more natural color, produce more light per watt, and last longer.

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 315W CMH light fixture kit  CMH digital ballast  CMH complete grow light



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